Continental Software Solutions Ltd. engaged in software product development deeply understands the long and short term product maintenance needs of all company sizes, which require up gradation & maintenance at a point when they come across various product versions. We as an extended partner, keep up with the industry dynamics and accordingly implement any form of change. Your requirement may vary from anything like usability engineering, interoperability to even migration to another platform. We also assist in undertaking any form of minor or major enhancement involving new or multiple features.

We specialize in bug tracking, prioritizing, fixing and reporting using an array of tools to further accelerate your processes. At the same time, enhancements are equally required where latest updates are integrated keeping in mind clients’ requirements and specifications.

Continental Software Solutions Ltd. product maintenance and enhancements service offerings:

  • Timely and consistent support
  • Usage monitoring and error reporting
  • Integrating latest function and modules
  • Periodic software assessment
  • Bug fixing & enhancement

If you are looking for maintenance and enhancements services click here or call us at +91 (120) 426 2407 and connect with our software development service experts.

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